1. Through the tunnel, into the fog.
    Nike Women’s Marathon 2013


  2. marathon season is here. so many people running about and getting thirsty


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  4. inside/out



    The past month has been dedicated to training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. It is my first marathon. Training has been about stacking up miles and endurance—it feels rewarding to note the improvements in my steps toward 13.1 mi.  Albeit joyful and gratifying, the biggest challenge as of late is keeping up with training goals while allowing time to nurture the fatigue and muscle strains in my body.  There is this pain in my left shin that kicks in at mile 2 and then the stubborn strain in my right hip—which has had numerous affairs with the foam roller—will not go away. I want to run but I want to heal.

    In this torn state of an aching body // mind aching to run, today’s wake-up go session was a recovery run through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach. Allowing that relaxing pace helped relax my mind and forget about upping my game. It was a revert back to running “just because”. The recovery run doesn’t help your body recover, but it presents an opportunity to reevaluate training and sort out a strategic plan to get your body feeling good and back to business. - Anisah


  6. Making a clean break!
    East River waterfront X Kubrick The Killing (still from LACMA)


  7. Manhattan Bridge path, NYC

    That was a hot day. We didn’t rise early enough to beat the late-morning slap of heat over the city. The route was a loop from Chinatown, across Manhattan bridge and back via Brooklyn Bridge. I’m used to the dewy, cool mornings of SF and didn’t realize this was a major factor that cushioned my performance. I never ran as slacker as I did that day in New York. Usually the obstacle is distance or sore legs or a hangover or lack of time. And as common as it seems for some runners, that day was the first time I could not take a step further because it was so damn hot. -Anisah


  8. Wake up, go session, summer bike ride in Napa.
    The weekend called for an adventure outside of the city, so we set off to Napa to ride bikes. Friends suggested a bobby-pin loop to the top of Mt. Veeder, which started out as a staircase incline that inevitably transformed into a steep, punch in the gut grade. After shameless whining and a bit of panting, the peak of Mt. Veeder offered a quick glimpse of Napa Valley treetops and vineyards cascading down the mountain slope. The sight of vineyards always reminds me of the terraced rice paddies of my childhood home in Indonesia. I love making connections to childhood memories in order to transform new surroundings into a familiar place.

    The descent down Mt. Veeder Road was steep with endless blind corners filled with potholes, another bit of terrain reminiscent of childhood road trips my family often took from Jakarta to the beach. The roads were damaged with massive potholes trapping puddles of brown water—puddles a big as the ocean. My sister and I would see the puddles and exclaim, “We’re here!” joking as though we had arrived at the beach.

    I chased B down the mountain dodging rocks and ruts. It was satisfying to survive the descent without a crash or flat tire. But then, those rough and gritty adventures really feel like the best thing once they are complete. For any adventurer, there is a feeling of pride to look back at the journey and have that self high-five moment as you think, Yeah I did it!

    Summer wine ride in Vineland Pt. 2
    The adventure continued with post-ride wine tasting at The Hess Collection Winery. The front courtyard greeted us with a lily pad pond filled with goldfish that led up to the Hess Collection’s 4-story contemporary art gallery. The tasting room host described how Mt. Veeder vines are planted in dry soil and must stretch their roots far and deep through lava rock in search of water. The result of these grapes’ underground adventure delivered mineral, earthy undertones in the glass. I love how the grapes naturally have the urge to reach beyond the ground where they were planted. You gain flavor that way. -Anisah


  9. Podium shoes? 9 miles on the trail and the first thing i want when i get back to the car is to change my shoes. Did I bring any? Nope. Always bring your podium shoes (aka what you put on after the run. cycling reference; post-race shoes).


  10. This AM’s wake-up, go session in the Mission. SF.


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  12. Ombré sweat, the proper mark for the beginning of summer.
    Brooklyn Bridge, New York


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  15. Dolores Park, SF